Four Surprising Tips for Catching a Giant Trevally

Four Surprising Tips for Catching a Giant Trevally

Originally published by Alphonse Fishing Company

The Giant Trevally (GT) is one of the most challenging fish species to catch due to their incredible strength, speed and persistence once they’re hooked. The Alphonse Fishing Company has had countless experience in landing GTs, here are their four top tips:

Contrary to popular belief, some of the best Giant Trevally action to be had is during low light conditions. Heading out just before daybreak or dusk is the ideal time to hook a GT.

However, this is all very dependent on the water. The preferable conditions would be closer to Spring Tides with high water in the mornings and evenings.

Due to the low light at these times, visibility will be limited. It is best to use a proper and then a dark streamer or brushfly pattern. The darker the conditions will mean that the slower GTs will be easier to retrieve.

It is always best to try and fish in active or moving water, or where there is collection of bait fish.

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