Columbia Sportswear: Now Make It Better

Columbia Sportswear: Now Make It Better


By Columbia Staff

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Gert Boyle’s directive to “Make It Better” applies not just to the products we sell, but to every aspect of our business. For the Corporate Responsibility team, this means focusing on what it takes to run our business responsibly, whether that is being good stewards of the environment or having a positive impact on the communities around us.


We started our Corporate Responsibility program back in 2001 to focus on aspects of our business that have significant economic, environmental, and social impacts.

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The continual goal of the program is to improve our performance across five key areas:



Making products with improved social, ethical, and environmental performance.



Working with vendors that share our values of fair and ethical treatment of workers and safe working conditions, transparency, and sustainable manufacturing practices.



Supporting the development of common standard and tools for evaluating impact and sharing resources in areas such as audit collaboration.


Logistics and Operations

Managing our operations efficiently with respect to resource use and reducing the climate impact of our owned and operated facilities.



Conserving natural spaces, inspiring people to experience the outdoors, and building healthy global communities.

Columbia Sportsgear

And we aren’t doing this alone. Understanding that we share a global supply chain, numerous brands in the outdoor industry now collaborate on corporate responsibility practices. We, like many others, have adopted the Higg Index Facility Environmental Module as the primary assessment tool across all of our suppliers. We believe common industry standards are the way to go in making a positive impact across the globe.

Our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report, provides an assessment of our performance and progress. Over the next few months, we will be highlighting results from the five key areas listed above and what we are doing today to further progress our performance.

It may not be as exciting as some of our latest-greatest technologies. But to us it’s just as important.

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